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Her brand of crazy/His brand of stupid

Hmm…I dunno if this Tennessee thing will work.

I didn’t hear from him at all yesterday. We talked every day so it was definitely unusual. Even when his phone breaks, he usually calls from his house phone, but I didn’t get a bbm or a call. 

Today, I had a job interview and I hadn’t heard from him, so I was full of nervous anxiety. I went to the gym to work it off. Then he bbms me.

Tennessee: Did you think I was dead?
Me: Omg yessss. What happened?
TN: I thew out my shoulder. The dr. gave me a shot and I passed out. I’m at work now, so I bbmd you.

Honestly though… I’m not feeling it. I don’t know why. Our phone convos consist of me thinking he’s kind of an idiot. He threw out his shoulder because his friend kept saying that he could throw the baseball faster so he had to prove his friend wrong. And he drives at 140mph for sport. Cause he’s bored. Seriously, if you don’t see yourself marrying that person, why the hell date them?

It’s frustrating because I’m crazy about this boy, but he’s a fool. They say that to make a couple, you need a girl that can handle his brand of stupid and a boy who can handle her brand of crazy. I don’t think my crazy equals to his stupid. Mind you, my crazy is significant, but it is much less than his stupid.

So am I just so desperate for someone to care about me that I go for the first one who wants me most? Plus, he’s in Tennessee. Which is freakin’ far away. 

Ugh… I’m just gonna go with the flow I guess. I mean, I did change my relationship status on facebook. Which kind makes it official.

Just between me and you tumblr, is it okay that I’m glad I still have if/when this goes really stupid?

  1. vagabondpadfoot answered: i’ve been following your story for a little while now =] i think it’s okay you got but you should be positive ^^ & stick with it <3
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