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Hello! I am still alive!

Hello followers!

I am so sorry to just now be updating you all on my adventures.

First, let me post some messages I’ve received (and answer their questions!)

don’t even know you, but proud to have read this!!! i find the key to dealing with a jerk like Tennessee is to take the power back. Kudos to you for cutting off the communication.


Well I’m so glad you’ve found me! Thank you so much for staying tuned in! And yes, it is hard to maintain the wall against Tennessee because I did care for him. But I refuse to be treated like I don’t matter, and refusing to return my phone calls or texts for more than a week makes me feel like I don’t matter. And that doesn’t flow in my book.

Your tumblr caught my attention. It’s like reading a novel. You haven’t updated in a while, what happened with Tennessee?

Tennessee has actually texted me a few times since my last update. This is what he said.
Three weeks ago, he said “You ditched out on me ya know.” I didn’t respond.
Then two weeks ago, he texted me to let me know that he was going to delete my phone number. I didn’t respond. 
Then last week, he said “Watched the black and white phantom of the opera today and thought about you.” I still didn’t respond.
Then, last Sunday, he texted me to inform me of the following: “This blows.”

My suspicion is that he found someone else in Tennessee, then when that didn’t work out, he turned back to me, but he decided that the lack of communication would be my fault. Despite the fact that I called him several times for a week. Despite the fact that I texted him with no response. Despite the fact that I left him several voicemails to prove that I called him because he would always say that his phone never rang or informed him of a missed call… uh-huh. Suuuure.

Anyway, I’m back to I went on a date with a guy I will name Puerto Rico. We went to Epcot (he’s a season pass holder and I’m a cast member so the admission was free!) and ate at the French Pavilion. He paid for the $90 dinner and we had a great time exploring the park. I had never been to Epcot (I work at Hollywood Studios) and he knew it well, so he acted as the tour guide. We have a lot in common and he was genuinely sweet. We watched the fireworks and then called it a night with a gentle hug. That was last Tuesday and we’ve texted once or twice since then. He’s busy with friends in town, but after they leave, we’re going to my milieu over at Studios at the end of the month.

I’ve also received some interested emails so I have to share!

F*******Patrick (29, seeking women 18-31) writes:

Names Patrick

Which I guess he deemed sufficient as an opening email. Yeah, fail.

Serenity****** (37 [my mom’s age], seeking women 21-45) writes:

Do Not

Do not let age fool you!

I am young at heart and active. These older ladies cant keep up with my sense of adventure! I am looking for an adventurous spirited woman and I loved your page and would love to take you with me on my next journey.

Lets grab a flight to Vegas or go rock climbing in Sweden!

Are you up for it?

Seriously? This feels very cut and paste. Plus, he has to know I’m not actually going to join a man almost 20 years older than I am on a trip across the country/the world. I also enjoy that he is seeking a woman up to 45 years old, however, they can’t keep up with his “sense of adventure.”  Perhaps I’d respond if you were 1) within my age range and 2) able to write a personalized email which makes me feel like you’re actually interested in me and not sending the same message to every 21-year-old girl you find attractive on Whatever. Another fail.

Right now, I’m busy with my new job at Disney anyway, so maybe it’s a good thing that nothing too good seems to be on the horizon.