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And it continues

I’ve got some new, fun and dumb emails! Yay! [Insert eyeroll] This morning at 2:55am I received the following from Sas***5 (24, West Palm Beach) (without a picture on his profile)


wow… u r to cute to be single…what happened?

What happened is that there are idiots like you who don’t know how to treat a woman, so I refuse to date them. Plus, you don’t know how to write a proper email. And you don’t know the difference between to and too. And your profile has spelling and grammar mistakes in the first sentence, so I’m not going to bother to read the rest of it.

********Patrick (29, Cocoa Beach, FL and the same guy who emailed me last time, but I didn’t respond)

Wouldn’t call you curvy. You are very beautiful.

Okay thanks. I know you’re trying to be sweet, but I would still classify it as a fail. Our next winning email comes from ocean**** (39 [almost twice my age], Jacksonville, FL)

good morning

Please pardon my intrusion and abrupt email. I hope that you allow me a chance to chat with you. Thank you.

Umm…. okay. You didn’t intrude on me. That’s why I’m on—to get emails from guys. I think your approach was to be overly polite so as to set yourself apart, but it makes you sound like you have a social disorder. Plus you’re not within the age range or distance range I’m looking for. So… no.

I’ve gotten several other emails lately and I haven’t responded. Partly because I’m busy and partly because half a bald and the other half are stupid. How about a normal guy who can write a normal email (and therefore has some social skills) and who I can be attracted to? Isn’t there one out there?

  1. adreamfromameow answered: Well they’re either dumb or pretending to be intelligent - which still makes them stupid! :P
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