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Dumb Jerk

Hey guys.

Got a good one for ya. Usually, I try to respect the privacy of the guys who email me because it’s the right thing to do. But because this next guy has the stupidest name, I have to publish it. It’s part of his appeal, I think. This email comes from a guy named dumjerk (38 seeking women 26-45 [I am 21]):

Hi, this cyber flirting stuff is kinda awkward but I saw your profile was blown away by your smile and just had to write. Figured the worst you could say is “no”… well I guess you could say “Yuck loser- go away!” But what are the chances of that? ;o) Anywhichway, nothing ventured nothing gained and no shame in getting shot down by a beautiful woman. Tears but no shame…Well please check out my pics, I know I’m no Adonis but I usually don’t cause children to run away crying or have people throw rocks at me either and my profile - it shows my twisted sense of humor and I’d love to hear from you if it makes you giggle. Thanks for reading ~ [his name]

I was going to assume that you don’t make children run away, but since you felt it was necessary to mention it, now I’m doubtful. And as for his profile, here are a few key quotes:

As for personality, well the doctor say that as long as I keep taking my medications I’ll be alright (kidding – well sort of) … Anywhichway if I had to describe myself I’d say I was a “mostly reformed very bad boy, dyslexic high school drop out, highly educated, politely obnoxious ego maniac, smart ass attorney who likes to cause trouble… But well this is an ad and I believe in truth in advertising so there it is. Me. The wreck that I am. P.S. Did I mention that my parents met in a psych hospital???

Maybe I’m too judgmental, but this dude just seems weird and awkward. And, why would you name yourself “Dumb Jerk?” Isn’t that a bad omen into the relationship?

  1. peaceloveandtequilaa answered: he..that..i have no words. I’m going to assume that he’s joking with the stuff on his profile, & no you’re not being judgmental
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