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A lil’ somethin’-somethin’

So, I’ve decided to ignore the whole work-everyone-flirting-with-everyone situation and just find someone else I like more. A day after my last post, I received an email from a guy I’ll call Mr. So-Far-So-Good. We emailed for a week, then I decided to move it to text messaging. We’ve been texting for a good week now and he hasn’t suggested we meet or anything, although he’s said all the right things so far. He seems like someone I’d really like to hang out with, but I guess because I initiated the texting (and I invited him to find me on facebook), I’m going to let him ask to meet me for a real date.

On another front, Tennessee has been texting me again. I continue to refuse to respond to him. I get maybe a text every week or so and they vary from just “:)” to “hey, how’s it goin’?” and still, I will not be answering him. To me, Tennessee is just another state in the Union.

Otherwise, I’m staying busy working. I also picked up a second job… so now I’ll have zero time for myself. But that’s okay. I’ll be paying the bills, which pretty much rocks.

I know the life of this single girl seems pretty boring for now… but I am hoping for at least one summer romance, and of course, I’ll continue to spill all the details. ;)