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More misadventures…

Mr. So-Far-So-Good hasn’t suggested that we meet yet. He’s been just texting the general niceties. Although, he does get points because he does usually text to say “good night and sweet dreams.” So he’s sweet. He’s just not proactive about chasing me. I guess he wants me to do all the work and I’m not into that.

I’ve also gotten a few emails from match that were interesting.
The first comes from a guy under the username “SmoothandChill (25, Orlando FL):”
I forgive you
I know you seen I was interested in you. So I’m not even worth wink, it’s ok I forgive you. But how are you doing?

This dude doesn’t seem to be as “Smooth” or “Chill” as his name suggests. The email was a mess. Not so smooth, buddy. Fail.

Another email comes from K****Guy*** (24, Orlando, FL).
Hi how’s it going?
Three hours later, he writes:
I should have started with something a little less generic than “hi hows it going” Im new to this online dating thing. What was the theatre prodcution [sic] you saw? Michael Buble he happens to be my favorite artist as well. I own all his music. One of the few artists that I am willing to pay for.

Well… he tried. He gets credit for trying. I would have responded, but I just wasn’t attracted to him and I feared that on a date, all we’d have to talk about was Michael Buble. I can sum up my opinion of him pretty quickly: I adore him
At 4am, I also received an interesting email from a guy I’ve never talked to before. Mike9**** (33, Lakeland) writes:
When are you taking me some place nice?
Hey there sexy ! I am ready when you are Mike [his phone number]

I kinda want to get another google phone number and use it to text him (so he doesn’t have my real phone number) and mess with him. I mean, honestly… does he really think a girl is going to respond positively to something like that? I don’t know him and more importantly, he doesn’t know me.

If there are any guys out there following my misadventures, perhaps you can enlighten me. Why do guys send emails like this? Do they think they’re being “Smooth”? What is going on in the mind of a guy when he pushes the send button after writing an email like the ones I’ve been receiving?

I also received a facebook message from a guy at work. He was one of my trainers at work and he’s also the boss sometimes when another coordinator calls in sick. So it’s incredibly awkward, but he writes:
hey it was fun to see you again today. I wanted to invite u if you want to the movies, maybe to see socerers apprentice.
What am I supposed to do about that? He’s my boss and I am definitely not attracted to him. He’s a lot older than me too. Do I just pretend I never got the message? Or do I respond to it to say that I’m busy or that I’m not interested?